Waiting For You by Veronica
Summary: Apollo is an Air Forces Captain who lost his wife to cancer or some other cell tissue´s illness and took a posting in the Air Forces Academy to teach History so he could better care of his stepson Trey aka Boxey, an eight years old boy. Starbuck could be either an ex-Air Forces Lieutenant who now works as detective in the local police force or he could never have been in the AF. They could meet each other by chance or as Starbuck investigate a murder. You choice (romance or murder mystery? Hmmm). Or they could be two guys whose friendship rate from years back when both of them attended to the AF Academy. Your choice, again. This AU you can have it settled in Earth in modern times, Earth in past ages, or in some colony in a faraway galaxy. Anyway, the story is open to drama, H&C, angst, etc. The romance is the chief, though.
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Characters: Adama, Apollo, Athena, Bojay, Boomer, Boxey, Cassiopeia, Sheba, Starbuck, Tigh
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