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Summary: What if Starbuck becomes accidentally in a woman and Apollo cannot take his eyes off him? This change could be caused by some technological failure or something that affect genetic combination. It reach Starbuck and some assorted others too. I want read about the reactions of the people when found themselves in a body which is not their own from the perspective of the genre change or "genderbender". Also, IŽd love to read about the power of true love beyond genre. There is room here to drama, H&C, Humour, and romance, of course. So I think it would be an most interesting challenge to write.
Categories: Battlestar Galactica, Other/Other, Athena/Cassiopeia, Apollo/Starbuck Characters: Adama, Apollo, Athena, Bojay, Boomer, Boxey, Cassiopeia, Sheba, Starbuck, Tigh
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