Terms of Service
Or: The Seven Commandments of God Claire

  1. By Your Command is an archive aimed at people over the age of 18. By registering to this site, you are confirming that you are old enough to do so. And if you aren't old enough and do it anyway, then don't bloody tell me.
  2. BYC is for slash, meaning male/male or female/female relationships. If you object to this, please leave now. I suggest the Disney site - the entire company is attempting to control the world through use of subliminal messages, but it may be more to your taste.
  3. Don't post het on the site. I'm sure that somewhere Adama and Sheba are indeed gettin' it on, but it's not here.
  4. Plagiarism is not tolerated on the site. If you post a plagiarised story then your account will be deleted and the annoyed rhinos will be released.
  5. Flaming is also not tolerated. If you use the site to flame someone then your account will be deleted and the annoyed rhinos will be followed by the pissed-off penguins.
  6. Please don't post Actor Fic (either RPF or RPS) to the archive. I know we're on the bus to the special hell, but let's not make the driver go any faster than he really needs to.
  7. Please don't post slash based on the remake. BYC is an archive for slash based on the original series of Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980 only.
  8. These are your Terms of Service. Read them; learn them; make sweet, sweet love to them by the light of a full moon - just don't break them, because that makes Claire sad, and a sad Claire is liable to break out Kitchen Implements of Doom (tm) and start hurting people.

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