The First Amazing BSG Mini Fic Series by Claire
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Author's Notes:
"Let's have sex," said Apollo.
"Okay," replied Starbuck.
And so they did.
The End

"You joining us, Boomer?" queried Apollo.
"Frackin' right I am," grinned Boomer, stripping off and diving in.
The End

"Bojay, you watching or joining?" Starbuck asked.
"Joining," came the answer. "Definitely joining."
And it became a puppy pile.
The End

"Oh my!" exclaimed Cassiopeia.
"Whoa!" added Sheba, eyes wide.
"Oh yeah," said Athena, reaching for the vid camera.
The End

"Who knew Bojay was that flexible?" commented Sheba, tilting her head to the side.
"We're going to make a fortune," grinned Athena, setting the vid machine to 'copy'.
"Yup," nodded Cassi, munching the popcorn.
The End

"Two?" Athena confirmed.
"You heard me," growled Tigh, handing over the credits.
Athena just grinned and gave him the vids.
The End

"I can afford that new dress, now," smiled Cassi.
"Shopping?" Sheba's ears pricked up. "I'm up for that."
"Me too," commented Athena.
The End

"Oh, girls, I want a word," said Starbuck softly.
"Busted," muttered Sheba.
"Bugger," added Athena.
The End

"You want a cut?" Cassi repeated.
"And you're not going to tell Father?" reiterated Athena.
"How big a cut?" frowned Sheba.
The End

"You made all this from the vids of us?" Starbuck was incredulous.
"They were popular vids," shrugged Sheba.
"I have an idea," grinned Starbuck.
The End

"They'll never go for it," said Athena.
"It'll be our secret," Starbuck told her.
"We'll need new equipment," commented Cassi.
"We can afford it," replied Sheba.
The End

"Let's have sex again," said Starbuck.
Apollo, Boomer and Bojay couldn't get their clothes off quick enough.
And every so often Starbuck grinned at the blinking red light in the corner.
The End
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